Monday, July 11, 2011


I Pad Graffiti Art I made these with my finger but thought they would be fun to paint on canvas or scaps of salvaged wood if I could find the time .Did I mention I am having a fashion show in september????

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

One of My Fashion illustrations done in photoshop
My Inspiration for the above illustration

Just Playing around in photoshop
Another inspiration

These illustrations of  extreme sports collection concept for product development class

Monday, July 4, 2011

Jewlery I heart!!!

Leather Studded Heart Necklace

 @ top Steam Punk Bracelet

Gun Earrings
Tiny Skull Ring With Diamonds

Alexander McQueen Bumble Bee Skull Ring

 Alexander McQueen Double Skull Ring
Alexander McQueen Diamond Ring
Alexander McQueen Gold Ring
Dior Fine Jewlery
Onyx Skull Ring
Big Wish Wishbone necklace

Steam Punk Caged Heart necklace

I had a bad case of Insomnia last night since I drank too much Espresso then realized that I lost my purse and I keep thinking about skull rings  so I stayed up until about 5 am looking at jewelry that fulfilled every women's dreams to wear finely crafted bobbles,but with out skimping on the edgy punk rock aesthetic that has always been "so me."

Senior Collection 2010

Fall 2010 senior collection

My mom just started her own art blog BLUFAMIN and wanted to share my senior collection from last year, I just finished a second collection this year looks like I need to send her some new pics!!! Here are some of my looks from 2010, one of my pieces nick-named "the Skeleton Vest got a special mention by Corridor 40!!! Special thanks to my fav up and coming fashion photographer/model, Elise Abigal check out some of her amazing work at
Right now I am working on a fall collection with Missy Creed we are going to be showing at the Japanese Garden in September and all of out designs will be auctioned off to raise money for Japan. Its really exciting and challenging collaborating with someone else !!! I can't tell you to much but we were inspired by the cherry blossom tree. I will post a sneak peak as the show approaches. You can see Missy's amazing 2011 Spring collection called, "Cleanse Me."
sold exclusively at Red Velvet Art in Springfield, Mo.

Looks from my 2011 student collection